With our update, it will be a lot easier to check your submission on the Timesheet Report page itself. Read on to learn more!

  1. Submit your timesheet by filling out the form with the required information.

2. After you submit, you will be directed to the Timesheet Report page where you can automatically see your latest submission.


A. By default, you can only edit your timesheet that you have just submitted as an employee. 

  • To allow employee/s to submit multiple timesheets, an admin can customise it through the access privilege under settings on the Timesheet form. To learn more, click here.

B. The filters are populated with the data of the timesheet recently submitted. To learn more functions of the timesheet report, click here.

C. If in case you have forgotten to submit a timesheet, you can add directly through the submit timesheet feature on the report. To learn more, click here.

D. If you want to submit another timesheet using the Timesheet form and its features, just click on the Return to Timesheet Form button 

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