To access the Forecast Report, you may do the following:

1. On the Project Page, click View on the Forecast Tool tile.

2. Search Forecast Report on the Search Bar.

3. Inside the projects, the Forecast Report automatically displays.

4. Outside the project, you will need to select a project first from the Project Name dropdown and hit View Record to view the Forecast Report.

The Forecast Report has five tiles which summarizes all your financials (click here to know more) and five tabs which contain the full reports.

Click on the Revenue tab.

All your revenues from Payment Claims are recorded on the Revenue Table. Below are short descriptions of the columns to help you understand the table.

  • CLAIM NO. - displays your Payment Claim No. for which each revenue amount is related to.
  • CLAIMS - displays all your claims for each Payment Claim. These are the very claims you input through the Payment Claim form - Payment Claim System, General Payment Claim, or Cost Plus Payment Claim.
  • CLAIMED AMOUNT - displays your Total Claimed Amount (Exclusive of GST) for each Payment Claim.
  • AMOUNT RECEIVED - displays all Payments you receive and record to each Payment Claim.
  • DATE RECEIVED - displays the date by which the amounts or payments are received.
  • BALANCE AMOUNT - displays the amount payable after each payment transaction.

The TOTAL Row  shows your Total Claimed Amount, Total Amount Received, and Total Balance Amount for all claims. Clicking each number will show you how it is calculated.

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