To save your contacts on your Xero account to your Small Builders account, do the following steps:

  1. Go to your Small Builders portal. From the navigation bar, click Management > Integration > Xero > Contacts.
  2. Under Contacts, choose the type of contact you want to save to your Small Builders account – Customers, Suppliers, and Employees. 
  3. Go to XERO to Small Builders tab. Displayed are contacts that exists in your XERO account but do not exist in your Small Builders account.
  4. Tick the checkbox of the record you want to save. 
  5. Click Integrate.

Note: Reconciled Contacts are the customers listed in your Small Builders contacts that have been successfully integrated to your XERO account.

6. Go to Current Contacts page and check if the      
contact is successfully integrated. 

To go to Current Contacts page, click Management from the navigation bar. Go to Control Panel > My Contacts > Current Contacts. 

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