The purchase records come from the submissions of expense forms using Small Builders. To integrate it with your Xero account, do the following steps: 

1. Make sure your portal is connected to your Xero account.

2. There are three(3) ways on how to access the page:

  • On the right side of your portal, click on the Xero button on the Accounting Software Integration portion. 
  • Type in 'XERO - Purchases Register' on the search bar located on the upper right corner of your portal.
  • From your navigation bar, go to Management > Integration > XERO > Purchases > Register.

3. Go to Small Builders to XERO. You can filter the data using the following:

  • Expense Type - Reconciled Expenses are expenses that have been marked as Reconciled. Credit Notes are expenses submitted that have a negative amount. This filter is required.
  • Project - Displays all the existing projects in your portal.
  • Supplier - Displays all the current suppliers and subcontractors in your portal.

4. Click View Record.

5. Tick the checkbox of the record you wish to integrate then select an Account Type.

5.a. Account Type

You can select multiple records then change their Account Types by clicking on the Account Type button on the upper left and selecting one Account Type.

For example, this is the result when I chose Cost of Goods Sold as an Account Type while three records are selected:

5.b. Chart of Accounts

You can update the list of your Account Types by going to Chart of Accounts > Refresh Account Types.

5.c. Remove Attachments

If you don't want to include your attachments on the integration, you may opt to remove the attachments to multiple files. Select the records and click Remove Attachments button.

Then, click OK to confirm.

Your attachments are now removed. However, there are instances that the entry can't be selected. You may need to manually remove the attachments that exceed the 3MB limit by clicking the X button beside the invoice attachment.

6. Once you’re done selecting, click Integrate.


  • Invoice Date and Due Date is required.
  • Make sure you have ticked the first option. By default, your records will be integrated to XERO. Ticking the second option will only move your purchases to your History tab.

7. A summary will be displayed showing a table containing the record/s you’ve integrated. Click Open in XERO to view the record on your XERO account.

8. Go to Xero > Business > Bills to pay. Click Draft to view the integrated payment claim submission from Small Builders.

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