1. How do I disconnect from Xero?

To disconnect your account, follow these steps:

a. Go to Management > Integration > Xero.

b. You will see that your status is connected. Click Disconnect. 


2. The account type options are not updated. What do I do?

To refresh your account types, click Chart of Accounts from the upper right corner of the integration page. Click Refresh Accounts.

3. What doesn’t the Small Builders - XERO integration do?

Small Builders – Xero integration includes only the transfer of the following submissions: contacts, payment claims, expenses, and timesheet to your Xero account. Management of the payroll itself is not included in the integration. 


4. Can I view the history of my integrations?

Yes. You can view these by going to History tab of the module.

a. Go to Management > Integration > Xero then choose which history would you like to view: 

  •  Sales
  • Purchases
  • Timesheet

Note: No history tab is available for contacts. The integrated contacts will be listed under reconciled contacts. 

b. After selecting the option, click the History from the navigation bar beside the Register tab.


5. When and how does data sync occur?

The data sync depends on the user. The user can integrate records from Small Builders to Xero at any time. To integrate records, just tick the checkbox of the record you want to integrate then click the Integrate button.
Once the record has been integrated to Xero, updating it on Small Builders will have no effect to the record already in Xero.


6. What if I have more than one Small Builders account and I have only one Xero account? Can I still make transactions?

Yes. Your Xero account contains both records from your Small Builders accounts. User is restricted only to the data made by the specific project. This makes the data more flexible and will be ready for transactions.


7. How does a payment claim reflected in Xero after integrating the record?

Payment Claim submissions are located on the Sales tab in Small Builders. Once integrated, it will be saved as Invoice (Draft) under Sales in Xero.


8. How is the expense reflected on Xero?

All expense submissions from Small Builders are saved as Invoice (draft) once it has been integrated. Status will only be identified in Xero whether paid or with credit note. As of now, status is not included in the integration.

9. Why are my integrated Small Builders customer, supplier, and employee not saved in their corresponding contact types?

These contacts will only be identified as customer, supplier, and employee after it has been used in Xero transactions. If used in Sales, it is identified as Customer. If used in Purchases, it is identified as Supplier. By default, it’s only saved to All Contacts.


10. Why are all integrated records saved as draft? Can I mark it approved directly from Small Builders?

As of now, status is not included in the integration. These records are saved as draft for review in Xero.

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