Timesheets created in MYOB can be also integrated to Small Builders. To integrate your MYOB Timesheets submissions, do the following steps:

  1. Go to Timesheets > Register > MYOB to Small Builders. If certain employees' names are highlighted in red, it means that the employee does not exist in your Small Builders portal. You need to integrate that employee first through Contacts > Employees.
  2. Input Start Date and End Date of the employee’s timesheet submission then click Submit.
  3. Select the timesheet submission by ticking the checkbox on the ledt, then click Integrate.

4. Integrated records will appear on History > MYOB to Small Builders records. Also, it will be reflected in the Timesheet Report.

To go to the report, you may search for it by typing in Timesheet Report on the search bar located at the upper right of the portal. Or you may click Management > Reports > Timesheet Report. You may fill up the filter to easily view the timesheet you integrated.

Note: The Project Name displayed comes from the selected Job in MYOB. To check where it came from, go to Payroll > Enter Timesheet. Choose an employee from the records then click the down arrow under Job column.

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