1. From the Payment Claim Dashboard, click Create Payment Claim button or the Add Payment Claim tile.

2. You will then be sent to the Payment Claim Form.

3. Your Reference Date, Due Date for Payment, and Date Created are all defaulted to the date you create your progress claim. Change the dates by clicking the tabs and choosing a date from the calendar provided.

4. In the Contract Works Claimed table, indicate the percentage of work completed under the Current Claim's % Complete column for each work.

  • Your Current Claim Amount is automatically computed.
  • If you wish to automatically claim 100%, just tick the checkbox provided.

5. Your Total Contract Works Claimed (Exclusive of GST) is displayed on the last row.

6. If you have provided variations for your projects, then you can claim it through the Variation Works Claimed table by indicating the percentage of work completed for each variation.

7. If you have allowed retention money for your project, then your retention will be displayed in the Retentions to be Claimed table for each claim.

You can change your Retention Amount for your current claim by editing it directly on the table.

8. You can claim your Retention money using the Retentions Claimed table once your project is finished or whenever you want.
NOTE: Once you start claiming for your Retentions, there will be no amount retained from your succeeding claims anymore. Click here to learn more about retentions.

9. You can add statements or supporting documents in the Attachments field.

10. The summary of your claim is displayed on this table.

Click the View Breakdown button to see the breakdown of your claim.

11. Review and customize your payment claim by opening the Template Preview.

In the Template Settings, modify your template by excluding or including the Tax Invoice Page or the Bank Details in your Payment Claim.

12. Submit your Payment Claim through the Preview or through the Submit button below the form.

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