After sending your invoice to the email we sent you, your expense submission will now be reflected to your expense report outside your project. To view these expenses, do the following steps:

1. From your expense report, click Automated Expense on the filters.

2. Click View Record.

3. Your expense submission is highlighted in PINK. A processed submission looks like this:

3. If the expense doesn’t show right away upon submission from email or if the status is PROCESSING, it means that the invoice is still being converted into an expense submission. Some details will not be displayed yet. 

4. This expense has NO PROJECT NAME and NO COST CENTRE. You can update it or you can leave it as it is. 


To filter out your automated expense, do the following steps:

1. From the expense report, you may use the three filters to view the specific expense:

  • Supplier/Subcontractor Name
  • Date Received/Date of Purchase
  • Due Date/Payment Date

2. By default, expense submissions with no project name appear on the first page and will be highlighted in PINK if received from email.

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