It is recommended for users to complete their business information and company contacts first before proceeding to anything in the system. It is because the information saved will be reflected to the succeeding actions made by the user.

To set up your Business Profile, do the following steps:

1. On your right hand panel, click on the Complete Business Profile tile to get started with filling out your Business Profile. If you have already filled this out, just click the Edit button displayed.

2. On the Business Details tab, you may type in your Business Name or your ABN then click Verify. Other text fields will be filled out with the available details on your chosen ABN.
Note: Changes are automatically saved once you've verified. Changes on other fields under Business Details will only be saved if you click the Save button.

3. Click the Contact Details tab. This is where you input the your company's contact details.

4. Click the Contractor License tab. This is where you input your license that is given to you before you conduct business.

5. Click Bank Details tab. This data will be reflected on your template submissions that you will be giving to your client.

6. Click the Insurance tab. All types of insurance that will be used in your building project can be filled out here.

7. Click Save button after filling out the fields with the respective details.
Note: Clicking save on one tab will save all your inputs on the other tab.

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