Creating timesheets manually may be tedious. Good thing you can use templates to make things easier. Timesheet Templates are used to easily fill out a timesheet.

To use a template in filling out your timesheet, do the following steps:

1. Go to the timesheet form. There are two (2) ways on how to access the timesheet form:

  • From your project page, click Create on Timesheet tile.
  • From your navigation bar, go to Construction Phase > Accounts > Timesheet. Or you may use the search bar in the upper right corner of you portal by typing in 'Timesheet'.

2. On the timesheet form, select an Employee and a Project Name. If you're already inside the project, you will only need to choose an employee.

3.  Instead of manually filling out the fields, click Use Template.

4. A modal will appear, choose the template that you want to use from the list of templates and click Use.

5. The template will fill out the timesheet. You may opt to edit the details in the timesheet. 


  • The date/s on the saved template will be populated on the form by default.
  • When the date of the first row is changed to the date desired, the following rows will change accordingly based on the date interval in the template.¬†
  • The cost centre on the saved template will be populated on the form if that cost centre exists for the project selected.
  • Other details such as description and time saved on the template will be applied to the form.

6. Fill out the remaining required fields then click Submit.


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