If you are using a feature in Small Builders and your screen is blank, your browser might have blocked the pop-ups. Pop-ups happen when you have to upload files through the integrations, or when you have to connect to your account (e.g. Google Drive). Browsers may have block some content you want to see.

To modify the settings and allow pop-ups, follow the stated instructions below:


There are two ways on how to allow pop-ups:

A. Using the icon from the address bar

1. Click the icon on the address bar. 

2. Select “Always allow pop-ups from https://www.smallbuilders.com.au”.

3. Click Done.

B. Using the settings in Google Chrome

  1. To go to settings, click the options button located at the upper right corner of the page under the close button. Click Settings

2. Click Advanced, then go to Privacy and Security. You may click the  button to display the sidebar (Advanced > Privacy and Security); or you may scroll down the page (Advanced > Privacy and Security).

3. Under Privacy and Security, go to Content Settings.

4. Go to Popups.

5. Click the toggle button to allow pop-ups.


1. Choose Safari > Preferences.

2. Click Security.

3. Uncheck the checkbox for Block pop-up windows.

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