1. There are two (2) ways on how to access expense report:
  • From the project page, either under Dashboard or Construction tab, click View on the Expense Form tile.

  • From the navigation bar, go to Management > Reports > Expense Report or search for ‘Expense Report’ through the Search bar located in the upper right corner of the portal.

To add payments to your expense(s), do the following steps:

2. Click the arrow icon on the first column of the expense that you want to add payments to. Note: You can add payments to all expenses EXCEPT for Reconciled and Rejected expenses.

3. On the Part Payments row, input your payment either under the Total Amount (Exclusive of GST) or Total Amount (Inclusive of GST, if applicable) column.

If you input payments under the Total Amount (Exclusive of GST) column, then the other amount will be calculated automatically and vice versa based on your GST setting.

4. The system will determine if you record a part or full payment. If you record a part payment, then your expense will automatically change its status into Part Payment (blue) and a new row for payments will automatically be added.

5. Input your Date Paid for payments under the Date Received/Purchased column.

6. If you input a full payment, then your expense will automatically change its status into Paid (green). That is, the sum of your payments (red box), equal the Total Amount (blue box) on the main row.

7. Overpayment is allowed. If you overpay an expense, then you will see the following message. Click on the OK button to confirm the overpayment or on the Cancel button to cancel the payment. 

8. To add receipts to your payments, just click on the upload button under the Claim/Invoice column.

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