A Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is a document that outlines the high-risk construction work activities to be carried out at a workplace, the hazards that may arise from these activities, and the measures to put in place to control the risks.

To view SWMS submissions, do the following steps:

1. From your navigation bar, go to Risk Management > SWMS > Old SWMS > SWMS History. Or type in 'SWMS History' on the search bar located on the upper right corner of your portal.

2. You will be directed to the Old SWMS History page. All submissions from the Old SWMS Form will be available here.

3. Click Edit to update and apply changes to your submission. 

4. You will be directed to the form where you can view your current data. Update the fields you want to modify.

5. Click Submit to save all changes made. 

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