Retention is a percentage of the total amount due withheld by the client in every progress claim until the contractor completes all the work required of him under a contract.

With the help of Retention Report, you can keep track of all your retention amounts from your projects.

To use it, do the following steps:

1. From your navigation bar, go to Management > Reports > Retention Report. Or type in 'Retention Report' on the search bar in the upper right corner of your portal.
Note: Make sure you have allowed Retention Report on the User Access page.

2. The Retention Report page will be displayed. By default, it shows retention of all projects.

3. You can filter the report by Project Name. 

4. You can sort the results in ascending/descending order by clicking the Column Header. With the use of Show Entries, you can control the number of entries you want to be displayed on the table.

5. Click Column Settings to modify the displayed columns on the table. By default, the Amount Retained and the Total Retention Claimed is hidden.

6. If you want to search a specific data, you can use the search bar provided.

7. Click Export to Excel button to download the table in excel file.


1. Project Name

  • the name of the project where the submission is from

2. Claim No.

  • claim number of the submission which is distinguished per project

3. Maximum Retention

  • the maximum retention you have set in the project breakdown of your payment claim system project

4. Amount Retained

  • the amount retained in your claim which is also displayed on your claim tile

5. Total Amount Retained

  • the total amount retained which is computed by adding all your retention (past claim/s up to current claim)

6. Retention Claimed

  • the amount of retention you have claimed

7. Total Retention Claimed

  • the total retention claimed which is by adding all your claimed retention (past claim/s up to current claim)

8. Date Claimed

  • the date to which the claim was made

9. Retention Balance

  • the remaining balance after claiming your retention
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