Retention is a percentage of the total amount due withheld by the client in every progress claim until the contractor completes all the work required of him under a contract.

To adjust your amount retained, do the following steps:

1. Go to your project then enter the Payment Claim System by clicking the Create button on the PCS tile.

2. From your PCS Dashboard, go to payment claim form by clicking any of the following options:

3. In creating progress claims, your Retention Amounts are set out by default under the Retentions to be Claimed table depending on the percentage and rules you set for your retentions.

4. Modify your retention for your current claim anytime by simply editing the amount directly on the table.

NOTE: You cannot modify Retention Amounts for your previous claims.

5. Your Retentions are displayed on the following locations:

a. Claimed Breakdown - Scroll down the PCS Form and click on the View Breakdown button on the Summary table.

b. Payment Claim Template: Attachment 2 -  Submit your claim and you will find Attachment 2 on the Payment Claim template.

c. Payment Claim Template: Tax Invoice Table -  Submit your claim and find the Tax Invoice on the last page of the Payment Claim template.

d. Payment Claim Tiles -  Submit your claim and you will be directed to the PCS Dashboard.

e. Engineers’ Table -  You will find this table on the right of the PCS Dashboard page.

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