Reconciling expenses means making those expenses automatically paid and locked from further updates or amendments. Reconciled expenses appear on your integration page. You may also modify your integration page to display other non-reconciled expenses.

Reconciled Expenses cannot be updated. However, we have added a setting on the Expense Report that would allow you to update your reconciled expense(s).

1. From your Expense Report, select a Project then hit View Record.

2. Click the Settings button then look for the Unlock Reconciled Expenses setting.
NOTE: This setting is only visible to and accessible by admins.

3. Tick the box for the Unlock Reconciled Expenses setting if you want to update your reconciled expense(s). The page will then refresh automatically and your reconciled expenses will get unlocked. You can now update your reconciled expenses directly from the table.

4. However, updating the details of your Integrated Expenses from the Expense Report may affect your Accounting Software Integration and other features like the Forecast Tool. Hence, you will see a message every time you update the following for Integrated Expenses.

    a. Project Name

    b. Supplier/Subcontractor Name

    c. Invoice Number/Name

    d. Invoice attachments

    e. Purchase Date or Date Received

    f. Description

   g. Due Date

5. Selecting OK will mean that you agree with the changes. However these changes will not reflect on your expense(s) on your accounting software(s) unless you integrate the updated expense(s) again.

6. Selecting Cancel will cancel your changes and close the prompt.

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