In the Forecast Report, updating of Cost Centres of Expense and Timesheet submissions is allowed. Just follow the steps below.

Updating Expenses' Cost Centre

1. The Current Costs on the Expenses Table of the Forecast Report  are clickable. If you click a current cost amount, then a prompt showing the breakdown of that cost will display.

2. The expenses' original cost centre is displayed above the table and under the
Cost Centre column.
3. Tick the box of the expense that you want to move to a new cost centre.
4. Click the Update Cost Centre button.

4. From the dropdown, choose a new cost centre. You can scroll down the dropdown to look for the cost centre or search for it using the search bar.
5. The new cost centre you selected will replace the original cost centre under the Cost Centre column.
6. You can change the cost centre of multiple expenses at the same time.
7. The expenses which Cost Centre are changed are highlighted in yellow.
8. Click the Save button to save your changes or the Close button to cancel your changes.

9. After successful changing of Cost Centres, you can check the Cost Centre that you moved your expenses to.

Updating Timesheets' Cost Centre

10. You can do the same for your timesheet submissions.
11. Click on the Current Hours to view its breakdown.

12. From here, you can move your timesheet submissions to new cost centres
13. Select a timesheet that you want to move.
14. Click the Update Cost Centre button.

15. Select a new cost centre from the dropdown.

16. The cost centre you selected will be displayed on the New Cost Centre column.

17. Hit Save to save your changes or Close to cancel your changes.

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