Project cost estimates are probably what you might need before you start the project. Quote Form helps you to record quotations in details.

To create a quote form, do the following steps:

1. From your navigation bar, go to Pre-Construction Phase > Quote > Quote Form.

2. Tick Yes if you want to create quote to your existing project.
Note: Project must be made prior to creating quotes.

3. Choose the project type. These fields are required.

4. You can use the template by typing in on the Template Name field. Suggestions will be displayed based on your input.
Click here to know how to view your available templates.

5.  Select a Project Name. After doing so, other fields will automatically populate.

6. Fill out the remaining fields.

7. Click Save Quote.


  • Margin fields will only be available to lump sum projects.
  • When you use a template, the breakdown table will populate as well if you have modified it in your template.
  • You can Show or Hide options on the Quotation Price table.

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