You can easily manage user access of contacts on your Projects Dashboard.

To do so, follow the steps below:

1. On your Contacts panel, click Edit.

2. A Contacts modal will appear. Click Edit on the contact that you wish to update.

You will be redirected to the corresponding contact's details.

3. Go to the PROJECTS INVOLVED section of the contact's details.

4. Click Choose a Project drop down menu to assign the project where the contact is involved.

Note: Projects that are reflected on the drop down menu are those projects you have created. These are the active projects that your company is currently doing.

   a. To add a project, click the Add (+) Button. A new row would be added.

    b. You can make the contact be involved in all projects by ticking the Access to All Projects checkbox.

  c. To delete the projects that you wish to remove from the contact's involvement, click the (X) button.

5. After assigning the project/s, select which user type you are going to assign to your contact per project. Click on User Type drop down menu to select one.
The User Type will determine the user access of the contact.
By default, the User Type per project is the original user type of the contact.

Note: Cost Rate per Hour field only becomes editable when you have selected Manager or Employee as User Type.

6. Once finished, click Done.

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