After connecting your SB Account to your XERO Account, the next thing you should do is setup your Payroll Calendar. This allows you to integrate Employees and access the Timesheet Integration page.

1. Login to your Xero Account.

2. Click on your Organization Name.

3. Under your Organization Name, click Settings.

4. Click Payroll Settings.

5. Click Add Pay Calendars.

6. Click Add.

7. Select a Pay Period.

8. Select a Start Date and a First Payment Date.

9. Once you're done, click Add to save your changes.


  • You can add as many Pay Calendar as you wish. Just repeat steps number 6 - 9.
  • These Pay Calendars that you've added would reflect on:

a. SB to Xero Integration - Employees.

b. SB to Xero Integration - Timesheets (depending on dates of your Timesheet submissions)

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