1. On the Project Page, click View on the Forecast Tool tile.

2. You can also search for Forecast Report on the Search Bar.

3. Inside the projects, the Forecast Report automatically displays.

4. Outside the project, you will need to select a project first from the Project Name dropdown and hit View Record to view the Forecast Report.

5. The Forecast Report has six tiles which summarize your financials (click here to know more) and six tabs which contain the full reports.

6. Click on the Cash Flow tab.

7. All your transactions that involve money are recorded on the Cash Flow table.

a. Payment Claims

  • All Payment Claims that you submit and payments that you register to your Payment Claims are recorded on the Cash Flow table.
  • Due Date is used for Payment Claims while Date Paid is used for Payments Registered which are both viewable under the Date column.

b. Timesheets

  • All Timesheets that you submit through the Timesheet Form/Report are recorded on the Cash Flow table.
  • Labour Costs are computed using the Employees' Rate Per Hour on the Labour table.
  • The Cash Flow table displays the Labour Costs weekly.
  • Hover over the Cost Centre and Employee Name columns to see the full list of ┬áCost Centres used and the employees who worked on a week.

c. Expenses

  • All expenses that you submit through the Expense Form/Report regardless of payment status are recorded on the table.
  • Due Date is used on the Date column for the Expenses.
  • Date Received/Purchased is used in case there is no Due Date provided.

d. Project Overheads (for PCS- and GPC-type projects)

  • All Project Overheads added on the Project Overheads table reflect on the Cash Flow table.

8. To know the dates used per financial type, hover over the info icon on the Date column.

9. The Cash Flow table shows the last 10 transactions by default. Modify the number of transactions displaying using the filter on the top left of the table.

10. The current Running Balance (last row) displays on the Cash Flow tile.
NOTE: This running balance is exclusive to the selected project only. You may view your overall cash flow status from the Financial Report.

11. Customise the columns showing using the Column Settings.

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