The Expenses tab of the Forecast Report helps you keep track of and estimate for your expenses.

1. There are three (3) ways to access the Forecast Report:

a. From the Project Page, click View on the Forecast Tool tile.

b. From the Project Dashboard, click Reports - Calendar View and then select Forecast Report.

c. From the navigation menu, go to Management > Reports > Forecast Report > Forecast Report or just type in 'Forecast Report' on the search bar located on the upper right corner of your portal.

2. Select a project from the dropdown menu and then click View Record.
Note: This field is only visible outside projects. Inside the project, the Project Name is pre-populated.

3. Click the Expenses tab. All your expense submissions reflect here.

4. To view your Suppliers and Subcontractors for each Cost Centre, click View Suppliers/Subcontractors on the row.

5. To add Suppliers and Subcontractors under Cost Centres, do either of 2:

a.  + Subcontractor/Supplier Name

  • Click the + Subcontractor/Supplier Name button.
  • Select a Supplier/Subcontractor from the dropdown.
  • Click Save.
  • Input your Estimated Subcontractor Contract Price on the field.

b. + Quick Purchase Order

  • Click the + Quick Purchase Order button.
  • Select between Purchase Order and Variation Purchase Order.
  • Input the Supplier/Subcontractor Name on the Business Name field or select from your existing Suppliers and Subcontractors from the dropdown.
  • Input the Subcontractor Contract Price on the Price field.
  • Complete Supplier/Contractor Details and Delivery Details. This is optional.
  • Submit Purchase Order.

NOTE: Purchase Orders created on the Purchase Order table need to be moved to the Cost Centres on the Expenses table to reflect.

6. The Current Costs and Amount Paid columns display the expense amounts and payments registered against each expense in the Expense Report. Click on the amounts to view the breakdowns.

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