To access the Forecast Report, you may do the following:

1. On the Project Page, click View on the Forecast Tool tile. Inside the projects, the Forecast Report automatically displays.

2. Or search Forecast Report on the Search Bar.

3. Outside the project, you will need to select a project first from the Project Name dropdown and hit View Record to view the Forecast Report.

4. Click the Project Financials tab.

5. Cost Centres allocated to Payment Claim Cost Centres reflect under the Payment Claim Cost Centre rows.

6. The Total Costs are displayed on the Payment Claim Cost Centre rows.

7. To view the breakdown of the costs (expense, labour, overhead), click on the amounts.

8. Costs using cost centres that are not allocated fall under the Unallocated Cost Centre row.

9. Clicking the Unallocated Cost Centre row will bring you to the Revenue tab where you can allocate them properly.

10. Costs submitted without Cost Centres fall under the column with a blank Cost Centre Name.

11. The Current Revenue is the total of the Payment Claim Revenues. Check it on the Revenue tab.

12. Forecasted Profit is calculated by subtracting your Costs (Expense, Labour, Overhead) from your Revenue. Click on the amounts to see the calculation.

13. To view your profit in percentage of your revenue, click on the arrows and select Margin.

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