You may have the need to view your projected costs on the Expenses tab after submitting either your Purchase Order or Lump Sum Subcontractor Agreement. To do this, follow these steps below:

1. Go to Forecast Tool > Expenses. You can go through the forecast page through navigation bar, through typing it on the search bar or through the Forecast Tool tile on your project page.

Note: Forecast Report is only available to Milestone/Lump Sum/Reference Date type of projects.

2. Under Expenses tab, click View under Purchase Order and Subcontract Agreement.

The following submissions will appear on the table:

  • Lump Sum Subcontractor Agreement
  • Subcontract Purchase Order
  • Quick Purchase Order

3. Click Move then allocate it to the cost centre.

4. Click Save to apply changes.

5. Expenses tab will be refreshed and your subcontract agreement/purchase order will now reflect on the expenses table from your forecast tool page. Click View Suppliers/Subcontractors to the cost centre which the subcontract agreement is allocated to.

6. Your record is now reflected. You may click Move Back PO to move the  subcontract agreement/purchase order back to the Purchase Order and Subcontract Agreement table.

7. A prompt will be displayed. Click OK to confirm. Changes will immediately reflect.

Note: If a prompt does not display on your end, you may have to modify the settings on your browser. Click here for instructions.


1. From your project dashboard, click View Project to the project where the quick purchase order is submitted to.

2. Go to Pre-Construction > NSW Contracts > View.

3. You will be redirected to the reports page that contains contract submissions and Subcontractor Purchase Order made from MSA or from Forecast Tool.

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