With the use of Team Assignment, it will be a lot easier for you to tag users to an existing Team with a corresponding user access.

To assign a User to an existing Team:

    1. Go to Team Assignment tab. 

       There are two options to navigate to Team Assignment:

           •   From your navigation bar, go to Management > User Access > Team Assignment.

           On the Search bar, type Team Assignment and select the result.

    2. Click the Update button on a particular record.

    3. On the modal, click thebutton.

    4. Provide the necessary details of the User and its User Type on User Name and User Type field respectively. 

    5. Click Save Team.

To Update all the User Types of the Team Members:

    1. Click the Check Box beside the Name.
Note: Clicking the Check Box on the Header will select all the current team member.

    2.  Select the updated type on User Type button. After selecting, all the User Types of the selected Users will be updated.

    3. Click Save Team.

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