To access the Forecast Report, you may do the following:

1. On the Project Page, click View on the Forecast Tool tile. Inside the projects, the Forecast Report automatically displays.

2. Or search Forecast Report on the Search Bar.

3. Outside the project, you will need to select a project first from the Project Name dropdown and hit View Record to view the Forecast Report.

4. Click the Project Financials tab.

5. Click on the VIEW BY PROJECT COST CENTRES button.

6. All your cost centres from the Project Cost Centre tab reflect on the first column.

7. The Original Budget is the sum of your Subcontractor Purchase Orders and Labour and Overhead Estimates. Click on the amounts to see the breakdown.

8. Variation Purchase Orders reflect on the Variations column. Click on the amounts to see the breakdown.

9. The Revised column displays the sum of the Original Budget and Variations.

10. Expense, Timesheet, and Project Overhead submissions reflect on the Current Costs columns. Click on the amounts to see the breakdown.

11. Input your forecasted expenditures per cost centre under the Estimated Future Costs column.

12. The Forecasted Final Cost is the sum of your Current and Forecasted Costs.

13. Your Gross Profit and Margin per Cost Centres are displayed on the last 2 columns.

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