With this new feature, it will be a lot easier to keep track of things that are important to you as an employee:

  • Have a calendar view of which dates you have submitted your timesheets and which dates you missed them.
  • Easily stay up-to date with your fortnightly timesheet submissions
  • Effortlessly complete your submissions using suggested timesheets 
  • Review and edit your submissions right after you submit them.

Read on to learn more!

1. Submit your timesheet by filling out the form with the required information.

2. After submitting your timesheet, you will be directed to the new Timesheet Submission Page. 

As an employee,  you can see two (2) tiles on your submission page: 

1. Total Hours

This tile shows the sum of the hours you submitted. Click the tile to highlight its breakdown. 

2. Timesheet Calendar 

This tile shows the status of your timesheet submissions for the past 2 weeks. Click the tile to show the summary.


The days highlighted in green are the days that have timesheet submission/s.

1. You can click on a day with a submitted timesheet to review your submissions for that day.

2. Your submissions for the day you clicked will be shown. Review your timesheets if needed.



The days highlighted in red have no timesheet submission/s.

1. You can click on a day with no timesheet to fill in a missing timesheet.

2. You will be redirected at the lower part of the page where your timesheet suggestions are located. Click Save to add the corresponding row to your timesheet submissions.

3. Notice that the missing timesheet that you saved has been transferred to your timesheet submissions. You can update or delete it if you wish.


The days highlighted in yellow are the days which you have deleted the suggested timesheeet from the missing timesheets table.


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