1. On the Project Page, click Create on the Payment Claim System tile.

2. Click the Edit Project Breakdown button.

3. Under the Price Breakdown tab, click the Apply to Forecast button on the Variation that you want to allocate to your Project Cost Centres.
NOTE: This feature only applies to existing Price Breakdowns.

4. On the modal, type in amounts under the Variations column against the Cost Centres that you want to apply your variations to. Client Variation allocations are autosaved.

5. On your project page, click View on the Forecast Tool tile.

6. Click on the Project Financials tab.

7. Select Project Cost Centre - Contracted Profit View from the dropdown.

8. Allocated variations from PCS reflect under the Variations column.

9. Click on the amount to see its breakdown.

10. Return to the Price Breakdown page to allocate more client variations.

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