1. To access the Payment Claim Form, first you must create a Lump Sum Project with a Project Breakdown.

2. On the Project Page, click Create on the Payment Claim System tile.

3. On the Payment Claim Dashboard, click on the Create Payment Claim button.

4. The Template Preview button is located on the upper right corner of the Payment Claim Form. Click it to preview your Payment Claim before submitting.

5. To manage the pages of your Payment Claim, click the Template Settings button.
Tick the checkboxes of the feature(s) that you want to add or remove from your Payment Claim template.

The Tax Invoice Page, and the Bank Details and Due Date in the Tax Invoice Page are all included in your template by default.

6. To update your Payment Claim Due Date after submission, just click on the Due Date field on the tile and pick a different date. All changes will reflect on your Payment Claim Template.

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