To submit Site Diary on mobile, do the following:

1. a. From your project page, click Create button on Site Diary tile.

b. Type in "Site Diary" on search bar and select Site Diary from suggestions.

2. You will be redirected to Site Diary Form page.

Note: If you accessed Site Diary Form outside the project, you'll need to select project name on Project Name field. This is a required field.

3. Fill out the fields.

4. You can attach file/s using the Upload button.

a. Upload from Device

  • After clicking Upload from Device, select the file/s you wish to upload.
  • Wait for the images to load on the table:

Note: Click "x" if you want to remove file/s you previously selected.

b. Upload from Google DriveĀ 

  • After clicking Choose from Google Drive, log in to your Google Drive account.
  • Select file/s you wish to upload.

5. Click Submit.

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