Once you have reconciled the expense(s), you can no longer update the entry. However, we have added settings on your Expense Report to allow updates on your reconciled expense(s).

To modify the settings, do the following steps:

1. You can access the expense report through any of the following:

  • From your navigation bar, go to Management > Reports > Expense Report. Or you may search for ‘Expense Report’ on the search bar located in the upper right corner of the portal.
  • From your project page, click View on Expense Form tile.

2. Click View Record.

3. Click the Settings button to modify your expense report.

4. A list of items will be displayed, tick the checkbox for Unlock Reconciled Expenses.
By default, this checkbox is unticked.

5. The page will automatically refresh and you can now update your reconciled expense(s).

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