There are two (2) ways on how to access expense report:

1. Inside Project – From your dashboard or construction tab, click View on Expense Form tile.

2. Outside Project – From your navigation bar, go to Management > Reports > Expense Report. Or you may search for ‘Expense Report’ on the search bar located in the upper right corner of the portal.


You can filter the display of your expense submissions by modifying the value of each fields and the filter status:

a. Filter Status – Displays your submission based on status (Reconciled, Paid, Pay Later, Rejected, Unreconciled, Part Payment).

b. Project Name – Displayed will be the expense submissions of the selected project. Change of project name in this filter is only applicable to expense report outside project. Once you are inside your project, all submissions displayed are limited to that project only. Project name filter is disabled.

c. Supplier/Subcontractor Name –
Displayed will be the expense submissions recorded for the selected supplier/subcontractor.

d. Cost Centre – By default, All Cost Centres displays options of cost centres from GPC and CPPC Cost Centres library if you’re outside project. When you change the project name on the filter, cost centre filter displays options depends on the project type. 

If you’re inside the project, the cost centre filter depends on the project type by default. If it’s a PCS project, it will display list from PCS Cost Centres Library. If it’s a GPC or CPPC project, it will display list from GPC and CPPC Cost Centres.

e. Date Submitted – This filter displays the submission based on the date you submitted it.

f. Date Received/ Date of Purchase – This filter displays the submission based on the date received or date of purchase. The date received is applicable to the 'No' and 'No, Pay Later' submissions while the date of purchase is applicable to the 'Yes, paid. Reconcile' and 'Yes, paid.' Do not reconcile submissions.

g. Due Date / Payment Date – This filter displays the submission based on due date. Note that only 'No' and 'No, Pay Later' submissions have value for due date.


There are a few things that you should keep in mind about timesheet submissions:


a. The color of the row depends on the displayed LEGEND regarding status.
You can edit directly on the table by clicking the field and updating the details.
c. Column Settings
modifies what columns are hidden and what columns are displayed.

d. You can modify how many entries will be displayed in a page by selecting from the Show Entries field.

e. Use the search bar if you are looking for the specific submission.
You can upload/download your attachments on the Claim/Invoice column. You can also fill out the field under this column.
You can upload attachments through your device, Google Drive, DropBox, and One Drive.
h. Cost Centre Options
depends on your project type.
Project Name, Supplier/Subcontractor Name, and Cost Centre display options that are saved. You cannot add it directly unlike on the expense form.
You can add part payment for the expense. One expense can have sub-rows since it has different invoices and it is not equal to the total amount.
If the sum of part-payments is equal to the Total Amount, the row changes color automatically. This means, expense is already paid.
If the Unpaid status has been changed to No, Pay later, then the table generates a sub row and change colors automatically for additional payments.
If the status is Pay Later and payment has been added, and the payment is equal the total amount, then the row should automatically change its status to Paid. This would also change the row's color automatically. Also, sub-rows are deleted and invoice details should be transferred to the main row automatically.
From Pay Later, once payment has been added and the payment does not equal the Total Amount, row should change status automatically to Part (i.e., rows should change color automatically). Hence, sub-rows are  generated automatically.
For GST applicable column:

  • YES (checked box) - will automatically add GST to your total amount.
  • NO (unchecked box) - will automatically subtract value of GST from the total amount.

q. You can submit multiple expenses in just one click. Note that, if you’re inside the project, all multiple expenses are for that project only. If you are outside the project, you can submit expense to different projects. After submitting, the table will only display your newly added expense(s).


  • Reconciled and rejected expense(s) can only be deleted, not updated.
  • Selecting and updating the status of the submission will only take effect on the current page displayed. For example: you selected one record on page 1 and selected two records on page 2. Clicking 'Reconciled' on page 2 would only reconcile the two records you selected and not the record on page 1.
  • Clicking Export button would download your expense submissions table.

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