General Payment Claims are one-off claims that are used for projects or works that have definite charges.
Payment Register page has the compiled submissions of payment claims of all the payment claim types. You will be able to register a payment here.

To register a payment, do the following steps:

1. From your navigation  bar, go to Construction Phase > Payment Claims > Payment Register. Or type 'Payment Register' from the search bar located on the upper right corner of your portal.

2. You may use the search bar locate the general payment claim submission that you would like to register a payment into. Under its Action column, click Update.

3.  After clicking Update, its Amount Received (Incl. GST) column would be enabled. Input the amount that you would like to register.

4. Fill out the Date Paid column. Click on the field then choose the date of when the payment has been registered.

5. Fill out the Method Received. Click on the dropdown menu then select which method the payment has been received. 

6. Click Save to apply changes.

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