To give users an access to your project, do the following steps:

1. From your project tile, click the "+" button.

2. A modal will be displayed showing a list of all your project members. Select a user. This will display all your contacts. Note that once a user has been added, you can no longer select it.

3. Select a user role of the member you wish to add on your project. This will define the user access.

4. Click Add Member.

5. Your added member will now be given access and will display on your list under the user role category. Note that Delete buttons are only available for your members. The rest of the fields are autosaved.

6. If the user you want to add on your project still doesn't have a Small Builders account, click Add New Contact.

7. You have options on how you want to add the user. First is the link invitation then the second one is through email address.

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