Timesheet adjustment is used whenever there’s a need to correct with the logged hours of an employee. This is a traditional way of updating the timesheet. You can use timesheet report to directly update your records. 

To use the timesheet adjustment, do the following steps:

1. You can access the timesheet adjustment through any of the following options: 

a. From navigation bar, go to Management > Adjustment > Timesheet  Adjustment.

b. Type ‘Timesheet Adjustment’ on search bar.

2. Type in the Project Name and Employee Name where you will update the timesheet submission. Suggestions displayed depend on your saved projects and employee contacts.

3. Select the specific work date of the employee that you want to alter.

4. Click View Details.

5. Reported Timesheet table displays the current record of the employee’s timesheet.

6. Correct Timesheet table contains start time, finish time and break. Update the fields you need to alter.

7. If you wish to update total paid hours instead of start time and finish time, tick the checkbox beside the Break (in minutes) field.

8. Reported total hours will automatically compute and will be displayed.

9. If you want to add a row, click + icon, x for delete.

10. Adjusted total hours will automatically compute and will be displayed. 

11. Type the reason why you adjusted your timesheet. 

12. Click Submit.

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